Fashion Week: 3 trends for spring-summer 2024

Backstage at Didu show @Maria Biardzka

The month of Fashion Week is now behind us, revealing a fascinating array of trends that will light up Spring-Summer 2024. Among the hundreds of shows, here’s our selection of the top 3 highlights of the season.

Light, airy, soaring

The fashion shows promised us a summer marked by lightness. Designers have skillfully integrated this notion into their creations, using fabrics such as tulle and organza and playing with transparency and layering. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this approach conveys a sense of freedom and confidence. This trend offers a touch of sensuality and romance, transforming garments into a subtle expression of modern femininity. An immersion in a universe where lightness becomes synonymous with elegance and simplicity; where lingerie, generally allocated to the realm of intimacy, crosses over into that of “ex-intimacy.”

Sports addict

As the 2024 Summer Olympics approach, sportswear influences are permeating the fashion scene more than ever: Carven’s pastel green satin anorak jacket urbanizes more traditional tailoring silhouettes. Dries Van Noten’s long cardigan inspired by rugby polo shirts revisits an emblematic motif to transform women’s wardrobes. Casablanca’s biker jacket, a tribute to Nigeria’s vibrant, dynamic youth, offers a bold perspective. Loewe’s monochromatic, almost loungewear ensemble embodies casual elegance. This deft fusion of functional sportswear and luxury has created a new fashion language, where comfort and style are no longer at odds.

Meeting of territories

The SS24 season is proving to be a veritable kaleidoscope of influences. Mixes of textures and patterns transcend the boundaries of convention, creating atypical silhouettes that bear witness to a veritable “melting pot” of cultures living in symbiosis. At Dries Van Noten, the daring combination of a half-damier, half-psychedelic skirt with a teddy jacket captured our attention. At Schiaparelli, the crossroads of eras, ages and demographics manifested itself in a tweed jacket worn with a durag and boxers protruding from cargo pants. Prada explores the work uniform as well as the utility jacket in a festive universe for a 2-in-1 look that’s equally suited to daytime and nighttime pursuits. Etro, meanwhile, exploits the infinite possibilities of pattern combinations.
The ultimate illustration of these new sartorial cartographies is Matthieu Blazy’s new chapter at Bottega Veneta – which, after the Italian epic, plunges us into a planetary odyssey, discovering physical, memorial, or imaginary territories.
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