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News & agenda

En revue : Leherpeur Paris et le Défi invitent le secteur de la mode à se réinventer

Parler de l’avenir de la filière mode française : un challenge d’envergure à l’heure où les enseignes moyen de gamme et de plus en plus de labels voient les fondements […]

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En revue (L’Obs) : Les tendances mode, ça s’en va et ça revient…

Avant-hier adorées, hier détestées, aujourd’hui glorifiées…Les tendances mode fonctionnent par cycles et selon des règles aussi profondes que mystérieuses. Explications Voici deux ados, bras dessus bras dessous, arborant un sac […]

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« Palette of me » : Quand le Make-up Devient une Ode à l’Identité 

Le maquillage ne se réduit plus à une routine matinale visant à dissimuler les imperfections de la peau. Au fil des années, il est devenu une forme d’art à part […]

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15 mai / Talk ‘The Good Beauty’ : Les nouveaux enjeux du secteur de la beauté et du wellness

Une étude croisée de consommatrices trendsetteuses France, Chine, US Entre chirurgie esthétique et compléments alimentaires, marques d’influenceuses et tendance no-makeup, formules clean et expériences tech, boissons au collagène et santé […]

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The culture of creativity at the service of brand content & identity.

Our approach

Creative observatory & the lab of the future

Leveraging creativity to explore alternative models. We are at the crossroads of information and inspiration to track major shifts in the world and in fashion. Our role has always been to decipher and highlight the emerging mythologies of our times : new narratives, visions, behaviors, and key players across a variety of influential and inspirational sources, both human and digital.

Creative intelligence at the service of sustainable strategies.

Our deep understanding of fashion and creative sectors across various fields (history, craftsmanship, culture, strategy, sociology…) empowers us to place expert knowledge at the core of brand strategies. By working in teams of specialists with diverse, intersecting perspectives, we foster high-caliber, sustainable strategic thinking. Our collaborative efforts extend to institutions and external authorities such as Le Monde, Université de Lyon 2, IFM, Casa 93, École Duperré, Heuritech, and others.

The manifesto

From its beginnings, LeherpeurParis has been a keen observer of behavioral trends and a proactive supporter of creative and human endeavors that shape the future. At the core of the fashion ecosystem, we provide avenues to build tomorrow together and believe in our capacity to influence and bring people together. We are dedicated to providing solutions which trigger necessary change through creativity.

We firmly believe that creation lays the groundwork for a future worth striving for. Fashion and art have long been symbols of freedom. Our purpose is to reveal the beneficial effects of innovation and to co-create new realities with brands. Creation is our declaration of faith in a brighter future, where every act of beauty casts light on human destiny and the freedom to dream.

China & our international approach

Since 2004, our establishment in China has been anchored by our partner office in Shanghai, which maintains daily real-time information exchanges with our team via WeChat. This office oversees the artistic direction and curation of collections for prominent Chinese ready-to-wear labels, while also assisting French and international brands eager to expand or enhance their understanding of the Chinese market and culture.

LeherpeurParis is also home to a variety of local partners in key international cities—New York, London, Milan, Berlin— to conduct tailor-made international studies. Our approach involves a deep dive into the specifics of local contexts, blending these insights with an understanding of global dynamics to build compelling strategies.

The history of LeherpeurParis

Founded in 1987, LeherpeurParis is a consulting firm specializing in brand strategy and creative culture. Since its founding by Martine Leherpeur, fashion enthusiast and daughter-in-law of Maimé Arnodin (creator of Mafia, the first fashion trends agency), Leherpeurparis has developed a specific approach to strategy dedicated to the creative sectors. We were one of the first agencies to develop in-depth studies exploring fashion consumer behavior, focusing specifically on the development of tailor-made brand identity. Since 2004, we have created a specific relationship with China, followed by further international partnerships. Since 2009, we have been committed to working with companies in the creative sectors to tackle new environmental and societal challenges. In 2023, the agency joined forces with WeThePeople, a communications agency group, which enables us to work across all aspects of branding. Today, LeherpeurParis brings together a multi-generational collective of experts in fashion, beauty and lifestyle culture at rue Charlot in the Marais district of Paris.

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As specialists in fashion and creative industries, we focus on understanding sector-specific challenges, analyzing brands and emerging trends to provide bespoke strategies.


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