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Define your brand strategy

Define rich, coherent and differentiating brand positioning, image, and content.

As brand specialists, we are keen to observe, decode, and understand yours. We provide you with constructive and inspiring brand platforms or books designed to help you define your positioning, your message, and your image and propel it into the future. These tools are geared towards leading and uniting your internal teams around a common vision and briefing external players (communication, web, merchandising, commercial architecture, packaging, et al.).

# Brand platform/Brand book: The brand book is the brand’s “bible”. It is a reference tool that incorporates both precise pictorial expression – nurtured by our solid fashion culture – and style interpretation inherent to our dual brand/style expertise.

This comprehends the brand’s DNA, its identity, aspirational target, positioning, concept, tone, and purpose.

It exists in digital format: Brand e-Box, an animated platform developed on a website.

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