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Know your targets

Understand your targets and identify their influences, references, codes, requirements, and needs.

With the advent of social networks and the contextual challenges of a changing world (digital technology, eco-responsibility, meaning, commitment, et al.), consumers are increasingly knowledgeable and more demanding. Understanding the inner workings of influences and new communities, and identifying your real or aspirational target along with their references and influences, will help you to determine the right strategies to reach them.

Our specific qualitative methods enable us to reach out to consumers including the new conscious consumers and new influencers, whether they are trendsetters, followers, “influgrammers”, “digital-boomers” or “OK-boomers”.

These methods range from the most classic to the most innovative for recruitment and interviewing techniques (ethnographies, wardrobe immersion, Instagram-tracking, WhatsApp or Wechat groups, etc.). We guarantee astute and appropriate recruitment based on our specialized knowledge of the style market and the many different consumer typologies.

Target portraits by style and lifestyle.

Portraits of creative communities or generations.

Personas: insightful portraits of your primary and secondary targets.

Stylotypes: portraits of real trendsetter-consumers to renew content production or collection construction.

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