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Boost your creativity

Decode and analyse the trends and latent cultural indicators. Define the inspiring creative visions that fit your mindset.

Inspiring and nurturing your style, design, and/or marketing teams is our concern. Our 360° view identifies the spectrum of socio-creative trends pertinent to your brand’s DNA and sector of activity.

We develop dynamic tools aimed at stimulating imagination and catalyzing innovative ideas that will become the driving force behind unique, zeitgeist-led stories.

Our approach embraces both sociological and creative perspectives to feed the brand on every level (positioning, image, product).

# Zeitgeist: A creation and lifestyle barometer. Complete with illustrations and explanations, this tool aims to clarify societal changes and help anticipate consumer behavior and expectations.

# Seasonal trends: The seasonal inspirations in line with your brand’s DNA. The season’s stories and key messages, the moods, shapes, materials and colors, the “its” and the must-haves (products, shapes, materials, colors) and the evolution of the preceding season’s best pieces.

# Creative benchmark: A selection of the inspirations and best practices of players across the board.

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