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Image & communication coaching

We co-create content, photo shoots, and graphic creations with you to feed your brand expression spaces.

Because today “product is image and image is product” we co-produce the content necessary to feed your image and product narrative.

On an internal level, we develop graphic directions and purchase artworks that correspond to your image and needs. For production purposes, we develop collectives aimed at providing the skills that complement our own (photographers, stylists, make-up artists, video makers, 3D designers, set designers, etc.) to form agile, flexible, tailor-made teams.

# Creation of photographic and/or videographic content
_Definition of artistic direction
_Organization or realization of shoots to feed your Instagram account and website or create your operational marketing tools (mailshots, POS, etc.)
_Casting of specialists and formation of creative teams

# Creation of graphic content or illustrations
_ Creation of graphic content for your operational marketing tools, redefinition of your graphic style guide and packaging

#Curation: proposal and/or casting of creative directors

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